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Friday, 27 December 2013

Range Rover Supercharged Engine – All you need for your vehicle

Historical Background:
The concept of including turbocharger or super charged engine in to passenger vehicles like range rovers dates back to year 1974 when a former engineer of Yamaha Motor Company built the first ever super charged turbo engine for automobiles meant for passengers. Inspiring from his work, a lot of other companies went for the same kits and came with ideas of introducing the Range Rover Supercharged Engine which is designed for those who are departing from traditional aspirated engines and looking for some additional power in their vehicle. Those who are searching for such addition to their car then this article might help them to upgrade their vehicle.

Discussion about the Engine:
Range Rover Supercharged Engine is one of the most efficient engines built for your range rover. When added to your Rover it adds up to 100 – 200 horse power to your vehicle which results in increased torque but with some extra cost on your fuel expense. This is due to fact that Range Rover Supercharged Engine and turbo add-on increases the air in-take amount along with the increase in injection of fuel in to the combustion chamber. Those Rover owners who have engines with single point injection of fuel must go for this engine if they are serious about additional speed. This same technology is being used by famous vehicle manufacturers like De Lorean, Mercedes, Lotus, Jaguar and Ferrari.

When Range Rover Supercharged Engine is added to your Rover, it truly becomes a go-anywhere Rover. Engine is designed with Terrain Response System that efficiently guesses the required road performance depending upon the terrain and maximizing the overall performance but additional fuel expense is always there. By gearing up your Rover with Range Rover Supercharged Engine, it enables you to ignite the engine with more power as compared to the default one that ignites when exhaust gases are increased to a certain level. If you are a racing freak and want to test you vehicle on difficult terrain then you should give consideration to the Range Rover Supercharged Engine. While your vehicle is at high RPM, the engine gives more power to fire up your vehicle with extra boosts. This makes it an ideal Rover when it comes to racing on the roads. While your vehicle is on this engine then it will add less cost to spare parts repairing or changing. The intercooling of the engine gets improved at the same time with Range Rover Supercharged Engine. The lag is reduced at much better level that you can even try drag race with your Rover. This supercharged engine increases the crankshaft speed 7 – 10 % more than usual if you want to. The addition of the super charged engine to your Rover should be done after holding talks with professional engine builder who can guide about the pros and cons of adding it your vehicle. Those enthusiasts who really want to test the limits of their Rover must install this engine to their vehicles. 

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